Our advertising solution can integrate advertising directly into the user interface (UI). From an advertising banner viewers can also choose to view full screen adverts. This advertising solution provides direct communication with your customers and generates a source of revenue through advertising in the UI. It promotes content even when a user is watching a competing free to air channel,  provides greater certainty that promotion for a programme will reach viewers and influences the viewer at the point they are choosing what they want to view.

A web based advertising management console can be provided with a full set of features such as advertising creation, asset ingestion, scheduling and publication (via broadcast or IP) to allow operators to manage all aspects of the service. This web based console is simple to use and allows the day to day scheduling of advertising to be undertaken by non-technical staff.


In addition to banners and full screen adverts, video adverts can also be displayed with the insertion of a memory stick in the USB port. This enables the promotion to carry more information and interactivity.



Advertising over IP allows you to target content promotion and specific locations, add many more banners and rotate them, as well as link through to more sophisticated and interactive full page adverts and videos.



  • Direct communication with your customers
  • Promote your own content over competing free to air alternatives
  • Promote special offers and promotions
  • Upsell your customers from basic to premium subscription packages
  • Sell 3rd party advertising
  • Maximises revenues through advertising in the UI
  • Intuitive and easy to use web based consoles