Our cost-effective hybrid solution seamlessly blends linear broadcast and OTT content in one user interface to deliver a compelling user experience.

It enables low-cost digital TV receivers with limited memory to gain over-the-top applications. These extra features include Video on Demand (VOD), music streaming, news, social media and more.

This can be achieved by utilising the USB ports on the set-top box (STB), one for PVR and the other to enable IP connected capabilities. Take a look our ‘lego’ concept below and see how we can integrate this solution into low-cost digital TV receivers:


Inview’s Hybrid solution creates additional revenue streams for operators using its integrated advertising service. Advertising banners can be displayed in the UI, loaded from broadcast or IP data, where users can click through to a related full screen advert, promoting OTT content and 3rd party advertising.

Inview’s info bar, which is displayed every time the user changes channel, promotes VOD alongside linear content and the recommender can create a personalised schedule of broadcast and OTT content, tailored to the viewing habits of each individual user.  The UI is fully customisable to match operator branding and can be rapidly deployed.

Multiscreen is also available to keep up with customer demands of being able to watch any content anywhere.



  • Seamless integration of linear broadcast and OTT content
  • Ability to watch any content anywhere
  • Designed to promote operator’s content
  • Generate revenue through advertising space in the UI
  • Available as upgrade to low-cost zapper set-top boxes with limited memory
  • High end user experience on a cost-effective platform
  • UI can be customised to match branding
  • Framework which supports rapid development of operator’s applications