We have developed a cost-effective, high performance digital TV platform aimed at the pay TV operator and digital switchover markets. It offers highly optimised performance requiring minimal processing power and memory to uniquely deliver broadcast, hybrid or OTT connected TV services on very low cost set—top boxes (STBs). The platform supports an upgrade path from zapper, to PVR ready, PVR and full IP functionality, all on the same deployed STB.


Our platform can operate on a wide range of STB hardware, from entry level devices to advanced gateaways. Inview’s small footprint allows it to be integrated into existing deployed STBs, enabling operators to upgrade their existing products to provide improved user interface and additional services. It also allows operators to harmonise legacy products with the user experience and services provided by the operator’s newer models.


Low cost for mass roll-out

Combines both low initial cap-ex and low op-ex via an inexpensive STB and cloud based service

Compelling User Experience

Inview fundamentally understands the need to provide a high end user experience. We make content engaging, accessible and intuitive. We also seamlessly blend linear broadcast and OTT content in one user interface.

Scalability with cloud based infrastructure

Our unified service infrastructure is based on a scalable cloud based architecture. It can be managed either by the client or by ourselves. Being cloud based, the system can handle large user numbers at moderate additional cost.

Complete Service Roadmap

Provides a complete service roadmap from entry level broadcast services to high end OTT services with multiscreen

Fast route to market

Inview’s software is modular. This allows fast adaptation to bespoke operator requirements.

App framework

We can provide up to the minute news, weather, government messages as well as more sophisticated applications such as social media, dating, karaoke and gambling applications without the need for a web browser.