Our lightweight platform needs minimal memory, and can be integrated into set-top boxes (STBs) with limited processing power that are already deployed in the field, to provide an improved user experience, new revenue generating services and a unified look and feel across all products.   These software updates can also be carried out on boxes that are not IP connected through an over-the-air download. We have considerable operational and technical experience in this area, having integrated our platform into over 10 million existing deployed products around the world on behalf of our clients.

A standard zapper STB can easily be upgraded to PVR, Push VOD and Catch up with the supply of a USB memory stick. This memory device is partitioned to allow user space for PVR recording and operator space to store VOD content pushed using overnight broadcast bandwidth.

A wifi dongle can also be provided to add IP functionality with VOD services, content discovery and more sophisticated applications.

We have carried out legacy upgrades in multiple regions and a couple of our success stories are highlighted below:

UK Case Study

Inview deployed this solution throughout the UK.  Working in conjunction with Teletext and Radio Times, we created Radio Times Extra, a hugely popular EPG that was available on 9 million STBs.

We developed and deployed the updates for multiple products and managed the upgrade via over-the-air updates, creating a unified UI and services for all products. We provided and managed the backend systems, EPG, Advertising and data services.

Thai Case Study

Inview enabled the upgrade of basic DVB-C STBs into OTT products in order to provide an IP based solution with improved graphics and IP streaming.

This allowed a leading Thai Pay TV operator to reach customers beyond their existing cable customers with an IP offering and our technical and operational expertise.


  • Unifying and upgrading the UI and branding
  • Removing dependence on STB manufacturers for maintenance and improvements
  • Add services to increase ARPU
  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Extend the life of the STB