Our multiscreen solution creates a unified UI and services delivered to a hybrid set-top box, tablet, phone, PC or Mac, allowing the viewer to watch content on any device, anywhere.

It enables an operator to enter the multiscreen sector at a significantly lower cost than the industry standard. Our set-top box (STB) middleware can deliver high end features and services without requiring an embedded browser solution. This significantly reduces STB hardware requirements, both as regards processor performance and memory footprint. Reducing the capital cost of the STB significantly impacts on capital expenditure for deploying the solution.

We work with most major STB manufacturers and our middleware client is highly portable across silicon and operating systems. For this reason we can support the operator’s preferred manufacturing provider.



  • Allows operators to meet consumer requirements cost effectively
  • Provides value added services to your customers
  • Reduces subscriber churn and builds loyalty
  • Grow reach and ARPU
  • Creates a unified look and feel across all devices