Inview middleware also offers an efficient way for governments to collect a TV Licence or Digital Access fee

Inview is very active in the DSO project in Nigeria, can you please tell us where the project stands as of now?

Digital Terrestrial Television launched successfully in Kaduna, Ilorin, Enugu, and Osogbo during the last year, which with earlier launches in Jos, the capital of Plateau State, and the nation’s federal capital, Abuja in the Federal Capital Territory brings the total number of States with digital television to six. The switchover will be complete once digital television has been rolled out across all 36 states of Nigeria and after the analogue signals have been switched off. Inview Technology are proud to be supporting Nigeria’s National Broadcasting Commission and many other stakeholders in planning, preparing and implementing this incredibly important project for the nation. One which will position Nigeria as a leading digital economy in Africa and yield a digital dividend for the government.

What are the challenges faced by Inview for the Nigerian DSO project?

Switching to digital television is a complex process. Every country is different, and the approach adopted must be appropriate for the local industry, regulatory framework, customs and traditions. Working with local partners is essential to this and we are proud that our involvement in the digital switchover in Nigeria is through a Nigerian company, staffed by Nigerians, and with a Nigerian Chief Executive. Digital switchover yields many benefits. New jobs. And a digital dividend. It can also be expensive upfront to get things moving. The value of the Naira fell dramatically after the project started, this brought many challenges. We continue to work tirelessly with our Nigerian partners to explore options for funding the process, keeping it on track so that momentum can build which in time which will ease the financial burden. Great credit must be given to the Minister and the National Broadcasting Commission for their continuing and steadfast commitment to the process, and their dedication to working with all stakeholders to keep things on track. We look forward to continuing to support them as the switchover goes from strength to strength across the nation.

What are the advantages of the middleware used by Inview for Nigeria?

In addition to receiving up to 30 free TV channels with digital quality picture and sound, Inview’s software, integrated on all of the set-top boxes for the Nigerian Digital Switchover, offers an EPG and a wide range of interactive services including advertising – integrated directly into the user interface through banners and full screen adverts/ messages, push video on demand, and a range of broadcasting applications such as news, public service information and audience measurement services. With regard to what is planned for the future, customers will be offered the option to pay for additional channels and services and all the of set top boxes will be future proofed and upgradeable in the field to add connected services when the Nigerian infrastructure can support them. The Inview middleware also offers an efficient way for governments to collect a TV Licence or Digital Access fee which can support investment in the digital economy.

Apart from Nigeria, how is Inview activities going on the African continent?

We are in advanced discussions with a few African countries and work is in progress with several others. In September 2017, we were proud to announce that Inview is to provide middleware for the Ethiopian digital switchover and we are working hard now with government bodies and other stakeholders to prepare for the launch of digital TV in Ethiopia.

The African broadcast industry is booming with the arrival of DTT and OTT, 1. what are according to you the challenges of working with countries where the ARPU is low?

It would make sense for other countries to replicate similar systems to Nigeria so that they can benefit from our flexible cloud infrastructure, which enables a high level of functionality but keeps set- top box prices down, as well as benefit from our experience of helping drive switchover in the 7th largest country in the world.