VOD via IP can require expensive broadband connections and many territories do not have the necessary infrastructure. Our push VOD solution offers a complete home entertainment centre including VOD, catch up TV and PVR, without the need for an internet connection.

The push VOD solution is delivered more cost effectively on set-top boxes using overnight broadcast bandwidth, with content cached on memory sticks for users to view what they want, when they want.

We will help you manage the way your content is delivered to the customer through our content management system. Promote premium content or publicise back catalogues. The CMS allows you to be in control, all through easy to use and intuitive web based consoles.

As broadband infrastructure improves, set-top boxes can become connected via 3G or Wi-Fi dongles, enabling a full VOD service and a wide range of connected apps.



  • Low cost VOD service without the need for Internet
  • Can be delivered cost-effectively using overnight broadcast bandwidth
  • Turns set-top boxes into complete home entertainment centres (VOD, Catch-Up, PVR)
  • Generates increased revenues through additional subscription packages
  • Increases consumer loyalty which reduces churn